Kyusho Interview Series

- Evan Pantazi inspires me, in the way he is doing business. In less than 10 years, he has established a well known brand through Kyusho International, spread it throughout the world, with help from Gary, Mark and Jim. He has been trying to remove all the hocus-pocus, and also has been studying real human corpses in mexico with educated doctors. He has establish a great forum, produced numerous of instruction dvds, books and other tools and resources that will aid you learning his art of kyusho. He is indeed a gentleman and a very nice person, everytime I meet him, I feel welcome.

Kyusho International Vol. 1 - Evan Pantazi ONLINE - CLICK HERE Kyusho International

- Mark Kline started his own martial arts school back in 1992 with state of the arts – now Kaizen martialarts. He got a black belt from both George Dillman, Wally Jay and Reme Presas. That you can be so engaged in the martial arts, to cross train and get graded from all these three persons, inspires. Also the fact that Mark teaches full time and does so for a living, which is also my goal sometime in the future.

 Vol. 2 - Mark Kline ONLINE - CLICK HERE

Vol. 3 - George Dillman

- Steve Stewart, highest graded kenpoist, who is also doing kyusho. He has over a 1000 members worldwide and have been training with George Dillman aswell as Frank Trejo (direct student of Ed Parker). Steve Stewart understands how the human body works and his ability to explain this is certainly very unique. I was honored that i got the chance to meet Steve and befriend him in person. I was very pleased with Steves "down-to-earth" nature.

 Vol. 4 - Steve Stewart ONLINE - CLICK HERE

- Jim Corn, one of the four founders of Kyusho International. I’ve met Jim a couple of times now, and the first time I saw him, I was frightened – he got this mean grizzly look. But when you pull yourself together, and talks to him – he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Every time I think of the “KIS(S)”-principle, I think of Jim, because Jim doesn’t do anything fancy, that doesn’t work – he is just straight to the point, which is a great inspiration. I am also impressed with the speed of Jim, he is incredible fast, though you would not believe it from the picture.

Jim Corns Okinawan Karate Vol. 5 - Jim Corn ONLINE - CLICK HERE Jim Corns Okinawan Karate

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